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'The Tarry Night' 16x20 ACRYLIC PAINTING

'The Tarry Night' by John Febonio

This original handmade painting is a one of a kind, museum quality painting featuring  Trash and Tarman showing off their skills. Is Tarman gazing at her moves, or still on his never ending quest for MORE BRAINS? You decide! This 16x20 Acrylic work was completed in one fast sitting on a Gessoed Canvas Panel.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: John Febonio - a self taught artist, grew up one town over from Salem, MA. You can go there and see several pieces of his artwork on permanent display at the Monster Museum, Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery. He has been producing artwork for private collectors in North America and the UK for about 10 years. 

*Official Return Of The Living Dead Merchandise*

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